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The #IAedchat co-hosts are:

  • Aaron Becker @Aaron_Butler32
  • Dan Butler @danpbutler
  • Jimmy Casas @casas_jimmy
  • Matt Degner @mwdegner
  • Shannon McClintock Miller @shannonmmiller
  • Devin Schoening @dschoening

Click here for the live #IAEdchat Live Hangout

#IAedchat is on Twitter the first, second, and third Sundays each month at two times....8:00am and 8:00pm CST.

We have added #IAedchat LIVE to the fourth Sunday of the month at 8:00pm CST. This will take place in Google Hangout on Air. We will share the invitation and link to #IAedchat LIVE each month.

Please check out the IAedchat LIVE page on our wiki.

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We are looking for guests for our future #IAedchat LIVE shows. Please fill out the #IAedchat LIVE Google Form if you, your school, an organization, etc... are interested in being a guest.